Great Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day so let me first wish a very Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Personally I had a great day with my Dad and the rest of our family (minus Mac). We went to see the Rockland Boulders play, a local minor league baseball team. It was a beautiful day for a game and they won!
-Poppa Coyne and the kids minus Mac
 -After the game we got to meet John Flaherty as well
-And Aunt Pat had a couple words for him. I believe the conversation went something like this:
Aunt Pat: Hey Darling, I enjoyed the game and love what you’ve done with the place, but the numbers on the scoreboard are too small, so you need to fix that.
John Flaherty: Yes Ma’am.
After the game it was back to the Coyne household for a nice Sunday evening barbeque.
-A little bit of ladderball (with Kaitlin drinking obviously)
 -And naturally I was playing basketball with the kids
Happy Father’s Day again Dad! I love you!


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