The Cove

The Cove is one of the best places on Earth. Hands down. The place is gorgeous. The people are friendly and the craic is grand (as they would say in Ireland!). I spent the last few days at the Cove, a section of Cayuga Lake in a small town in upstate New York called Union Springs. I had only been at the Cove once, which was 3 years ago. This week was my first time back since then and it was still every bit as awesome as I remembered it. For years I’ve been trying to explain to people the phenomenon that is the Cove. The best explanation that I could offer was that it was kind of like being in a country music video, but better. Over the last few days myself and some of the boys were actually sitting there trying to figure out how we could best describe it to someone who had never been there.

I’m very fortunate to have some great friends from upstate who love having visitors. They also happen to have extremely generous friends with everyone always offering a place to stay, a ride on a boat, dinner, beers, etc. Simply some of the friendliest people in the world. We spent the last few days on different boats, jetskis, in the water, drinking, barbecuing, relaxing on the deck(s), and simply enjoying the beauty of the Cove while in the midst of each other’s company. Now that we’re all graduated from college and everyone has moved on to the next chapter of their lives, taking us to different places, living different lives (some people get married, some people move, etc) it gets much harder for all of us to get together. We realized that a couple quick years had passed before any of us had seen each other. Therefore, this was the perfect opportunity for the boys to get together and have a bit of fun, especially if it may be another year or so before we see each other.

So here are some photos from the past few days. Enjoy!

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And just for the record…I’m totally getting a place here one day.


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