Coach Wootten Basketball Camp

This past week I had the esteemed privilege of working the Coach Wootten Basketball Camp at Frostburg State University in Maryland. The camp was originally started over 50 years ago by basketball coaching legend and hall of famer, Morgan Wootten from DeMatha High.

The camp is now run by Morgan Wootten’s son, Joe. Joe served as assistant coach under his father and is now the head coach and athletic director at O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia. Joe is an extremely successful coach, incredibly knowledgeable about the game, and overall an outstanding person. This basketball camp is by far the best camp I’ve ever been a part of. The amount that I’ve learned as both a player and coach from Joe this past week has been tremendous. His teaching points for the fundamentals of the game, advice to coaches, and X’s and O’s are phenomenal. He is truly dedicated to helping kids become better basketball players as well as helping coaches along in their professional paths.

Each day, while the kids are eating lunch, Joe would host a coach’s roundtable where we would discuss all aspects of coaching from interviews, philosophies, and inbounds plays. This is a great chance for coach’s to not only learn and share ideas, but to network with other coaches as people come from all 50 states and all over the world to coach at this camp. Among the countries represented last week were Croatia, Scotland, Latvia, and Spain, not to mention one of Coach Wootten’s players who moved over here from China. Overall it was a great week of camp. I’m fortunate to have another week down here at this camp and it’s definitely one that I plan on coaching at for years to come.

-Around 600 kids come each week to this camp
-There is a strong emphasis on the fact that this is a teaching camp, hence the evening fundamental lecture each day (in addition to many other fundamentals throughout the day)
-Coach Wootten working out his player from China- kid is already 6’8 and only going to be a sophmore…definitely keep an eye out for this kid in years to come!
-The boys were going crazy during the North-South All Star game in my conference, which was the Big 10 (my team won, obviously)
-Something like 32 hoops packed into a few tennis courts
-Working on my photography skills- couldn’t decide which one I liked better


One thought on “Coach Wootten Basketball Camp

  1. Tim, I really enjoyed your post about The Wootten Basketball Camp and the video of Morgan Wootten being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. What a tribute, honor and also very touching. Wealth = Family, Friends, and Faith. Love & God Bless Dad.

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