Week 2 at Coach Wootten Basketball Camp

It was another great week at Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp in Frostburg, Maryland. Many of the coaches from the previous week came back to work it, as well as a few new faces. It really was a pleasure getting to know all these guys and I’m definitely looking forward to coming back and working this camp for years to come.

This week I made sure to participate and help coach the 6am optional workouts. There was a group of young coaches like myself who are new and looking to make a name for themselves, that made it a point to be at these workouts (even after a few late nights in the staff room). The coach’s roundtable meetings were awesome again and I was able to add a bunch of X’s and O’s to my repertoire as well as bounce ideas off other, much more experienced coaches.

For the second straight week I had “crowd control” for my team in the all star game, which ultimately means getting the kids riled up and starting chants for the Westside all star team. And for the second straight week my team emerged victorious, not to mention one of my players being selected as All Star game MVP. Furthermore, the team I was coaching won the championship for their league, upsetting the 1 seed in the final. I had a talented team all week but it took them several days to really come together, which they finally did at the right time, which was in the championship. I was extremely proud of the boys as they all grew as basketball players and as people throughout the week, not to mention they had me laughing the whole time.

-Taking the kids through some dynamic stretching at one of the 6ams
-Coach Joe Wotten teaching some fundamentals with demonstrators from McDaniel College
-Evening fundamental on the outdoor courts
-Throughout the week different coaches would put on skits for the kids to demonstrate certain points. We had the “Tuxedo Player vs. Mr. Enthusiasm.” This one was “Meet the Coach,” where they demonstrated the right and wrong way to make a first impression with the coach. This was the wrong way, hence the cigarette in the ear of Coach Majors.
-Like I said, a major part of coaching at this camp was collaborating with other coaches. After staff games one night, I was talking with Coach Neil from Scotland who now coaches in Barcelona, and was showing him a few things he can do with his kids to improve quickness, speed, agility, and strength.

Once again, it was an awesome couple weeks of camp. Good luck to all the players and coaches that I met there and I look forward to seeing you guys again in the future!


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