Galway v. Tipperary at Gaelic Park

Today I had an awesome opportunity to head down to Gaelic Park in the Bronx to check out the Galway v. Tipperary hurling match. My good friend and classmate from Ireland, Seamus Hennessy, who we’re all familiar with now (“I Am The King”), has been in New York for about a month playing with the Tipperary men in the New York GAA league. A lot of GAA clubs in New York (and I’m sure other cities like Boston and Chicago) will bring over hurling and football (Gaelic football!) players for the summer to play in their cities coveted leagues. Now I was torn today, as I wanted to support my friend but feel that I have my loyalties to Galway. I almost wore my NUI Galway basketball jersey but decided against it. Nonetheless, I cheered on Seamus and his teammates in what turned out to be a very close, physical, and heated match. Tipperary pulled away, winning the match by a single point, thanks in large part to the on-field play and leadership of Mr. Hennessy.

I thoroughly enjoyed being at the game today as I felt I was back in Ireland if only for a little while. It was awesome hearing the conversations going on around me, picking out what part of Ireland they were from based on their accents – which I’ve gotten pretty good at!, listening to the announcer’s animated play by play the game, and seeing the different county GAA jerseys in the stands (Tyrone played Cavan afterwards in football). After the game I had a chance to catch up with Seamus for a bit before heading back to Rockland.

Here is a short video from the match as well as a few photos:

-I’m going to have to get one of these jerseys
-Great to see friends from Ireland on this side of the pond


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