Eire Brendan

As I went to write this post and not only acknowledge, but help to promote the blog “Eire Brendan,” I noticed that the writer of Eire Brendan, Brendan Barile, beat me to it. Brendan was kind enough to write a post about myself and my blog. This is actually really funny because Brendan and I have never particularly liked each other up until this past week. And when I say “didn’t particularly like each other,” that’s putting it very generously to say the least (we pretty much hated each other).

However, Brendan does an excellent job telling our history, which stems from our high school basketball days. Check it out here Eire Brendan-CoyneToss.

Brendan had some very nice things to say about me in that post all of which are greatly appreciated. And he is totally right when talking about my reaction when I first got a message from him asking for help on trying to come to Ireland. Nonetheless, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and put my good faith in the fact that we had both matured and moved on from our high school rivalry.

Now that I know Brendan and have worked a week of basketball camp with him in Ireland (even forced him into coming out and having a few drinks), I see that he is an awesome person, player, and coach. The people of Galway and Sligo are extremely fortunate to have him coaching and playing. He is an excellent teacher of the game and makes learning the game a ton of fun for the kids. Not to mention, he will be a HUGE asset to the Titans National League team this year.

I wish Brendan the best of luck this year and definitely check out his blog Eire Brendan. (Clever name too). So far it has been a very humorous account of his first few weeks in Galway. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the year plays out for him as the rest of you should. Good luck Brendan!


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