So on Friday myself and Philippe woke up early to take a trip to Andorra. Philippe, and a few other people, had told me about Andorra. It’s a place a few hours away where a lot of people go to shop for clothes, tobacco, alcohol, food, cologne, etc. Everyone goes there because they don’t have certain taxes that make everything extremely cheap. As I’m hearing all this I’m thinking “Yea ok, I’m from New York. We go to Jersey to get gas because it’s cheaper too. How cheap can this stuff really be??”

Ha. Little did I know. Some things weren’t insanely cheap although there certainly were good deals on some items. However, (and trying not to sound like an alcoholic here) the booze was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap. I’m talking a liter (litre) bottle of Bailey’s for 10 bucks. Bottles of decent whiskey for 6 or 7 bucks. Bottles of Absolut – 8 bucks. We took a walk down the aisle in the supermarket there (supermarche in francais) and I was shocked at all the prices. “Philippe do you see these prices?!?!?!?” To which he responds “That’s why we are here guy!!!”

Let me take a step back and talk about Andorra a bit. It is officially known as the Principality of Andorra and considered a microstate on the border of France and Spain. They are, in essence, their own small country. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe with the highest capital city in Europe at an elevation of 1,023 metres (3,356 ft). I can sit here and regurgitate a hundred facts about Andorra from Wikipedia or you can just cilck HERE and check out the page for yourself to learn a bit about this awesome place.

It is more a city than a country, nestled in the middle of the very scenic eastern Pyrenees Mountains, Europe’s second highest mountain range after the Alps. It is a popular tourist destination not just for the shopping, but also has a wealth of ski resorts for the winter months. I’ve never been to Aspen, but I imagine this place to be somewhat similar, with prices significantly cheaper. It was like a lost city that just comes out of nowhere. I just kept saying to Philippe how cool I thought this place was. Either way, the scenery on the drive out there is simply breathtaking (I don’t care how corny that sounds because it’s true). So this is definitely a place I plan on taking a couple trips back to during my tenure in France, especially because I can only imagine how beautiful it is during the winter months when the mountains are covered in snow.

-On the drive out there early in the morning
-All the way up in the clouds
-One of the ski resorts
-Came across this awesome rifle shaped bottle of vodka – a little out of my price range
-There were cows and horses all over the mountains
2408 meters up which is about 7900 feet above sea level
-Snow-capped mountains


One thought on “Andorra

  1. Philippe took you at the devil’s for alcohols. Don’t wonder later if you lose your jump shoot or your cross over…..

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