Basket Saint-Oren’s

As I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, the club that I am coaching and playing for in France is Basket Saint-Oren’s, located on the outskirts of Toulouse. After about 3 weeks here in France I could not be happier with this club. The parents, the kids, my teammates, other coaches, the board, everyone. They have all been so welcoming to me and instantly made me feel at home, despite any existing language barriers. In fact, a few parents prefer that I coach in English because it helps their children with English, which they are learning in school. At the same time, I have been effectively picking up new words and phrases each day. The kids are a big help with that!

Last week we had that community fair, where we were helping to promote interest in the basketball club, and I pretty much just spent a couple hours that day playing basketball against a bunch of 8 year olds. All in all it was a good day. There was also a gentleman from one of the local newspapers there, walking around and reporting about the ongoings of the fair. He stopped to talk with the president of our basketball club, Fanou, who then introduced me as the new American coach and player. We had our photo taken, and sure enough, this past week St.-O and yours truly got a little bit of press. This is the link to the newspapers site CLICK HERE just in case you feel like checking out a French newspaper site. Otherwise I took a snapshot of the short piece from the paper.
Pretty cool stuff. I can now say (truthfully) that I’ve been in the newspaper in 3 countries!!

Today I have 2 games with my U15 boys who won our only preseason game fairly handily the other day.
-Team parent, Eric, presenting me with a new clipboard before the game (obviously still repping for the Titans)
-Team photo
-Getting the boys HYPED!
-Actually doing a bit of coaching

However, the teams that we are playing today are sure to be of a higher caliber so hopefully we show up ready to play and can take care of business. Wish us luck!!!


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