Big Sunday for Sports

NFL Sunday. Ryder Cup. All-Ireland Hurling Final (Round 2?!?!). Playoff baseball (almost).

I guess I should go by time zones.

First “match” on the agenda for today will be the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final. Galway competed in the final three weeks ago, the result of which was a draw. I know you’re wondering the same thing I did. How the hell can a FINAL end in a DRAW. Isn’t the point of a final to determine a winner??? Well, it’s Ireland. As I’ve well learned by now, they do things differently. Therefore, the match ends in a tie. Overtime? NOPE. We’ll just play a rematch in 3 weeks. Today is the rematch. Let’s go Galway!!! Or as they would say in Ireland – “HON THE GALWAY BOYS!!!!”

Ryder Cup. USA will continue global dominance. Basic. And last night when Poulter hit those big putts I was thinking the whole “SCOREBOARD” chant, but can’t lie, I respect that fire and emotion he was showing. USA is still gonna kick your ass though Poulter. Sorry pal.

The Yankees lost yesterday and the Orioles won. Things are all tied atop the AL East with just a few games left to play in the season. The hunt for October is on and each game is extremely crucial now in determining who will win the division. This is the time for Yankee Baseball. Let’s go Bombers!

And finally, my beloved New York Jets. I hate the Jets. But I love them. Today they welcome to town the San Francisco 49ers. Now that real refs are back in place, Revis is out, I’m pretty sure the Jets season is done. I can dream though. I’m not as much concerned about the game as I am about the fact that I wish I was going to the game. My dad, brother, and one of my sisters are all going to the game. One of my favorite things to do is go to Jets games with my family. Today is a day that I’m truly jealous I will not be able to make it. Fortunately, last Christmas, all 5 of us kids plus my Dad and uncle were all able to go. Anyway. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!

HUGE Sunday.


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