Last weekend’s sports recap

“The most important thing for you this weekend, since you lose everything, is that you won yesterday with the kids.”
-Philippe Kozolinsky

That pretty much sums up my weekend. I did this whole heart-felt, pump up post (maybe slightly arrogant) about how successful my teams were going to be this weekend. And then everyone lost. In pretty poor fashion for the most part too, I might add.

So let’s start at the beginning. The highest point of my weekend. My U15 boys had a game away against TOAC, who are known to be one of the better basketball clubs around Toulouse. The game was away so we travelled the 20 minutes or so to their gym, which was situated right next to Stade Toulousain, the home stadium of the infamous Toulouse Rugby team. I definitely plan on going there for a couple games while I’m here. Back to the game at hand.

We showed up and started getting ready. The other team came out to warm up and I knew instantly that they were MUCH better than any team we had seen thus far. It wasn’t really comparable. You could see that every player on their team had talent. Everyone could dribble, shoot, pass, score. You name it. Now this may not seem crazy to you, but remember, these are U15 boys teams. A lot of times at this level you may have a solid few players, but then the talent level trickles down as you go down the bench. It’s not a bad thing, but its true. Now I’m not ashamed to admit that as a team, they were probably more talented than we were. Nonetheless, we started off the game with a lot of intensity. They pressed us. We pressed them. We went on runs. They went on runs. Despite being up 3 at half, we went down badly in the 3rd quarter and were trailing by 11 at the start of the 4th, with my starting PG sitting from a 3rd quarter injury and one of my other starters battling a bad knee (he ended up coming out of the game with about 3 minutes to go). No bother. The rest of the guys stepped up to the plate. The boys’ tenacity on defense got them back into the game and put them up by a bucket with less than a minute to go. They held on for the W and celebrated like crazy after the final buzzer sounded. Rightfully so. It was a hard-fought, well-deserved win and I was very proud of the boys.
Now this is where it gets bad. That night, the team that I play for had a game. I still don’t have my player license so I was in street clothes for the game, which, as you know by now, drives me CRAZY. One of my most hated things in the world. My teammates went out and played a tough game, on the road, against a good opponent, with some size. It was close all game, but we had a few too many turnovers, allowed some offensive rebounds, and had a difficult time shooting the ball. But hey, that’s basketball on the road. We ended up losing the game by about 6 or 7. 1-1 on the season. Can’t wait until I can play.

Enter Sunday. First game of the day, which I should really call a match – Galway v. Kilkenny in the All-Ireland Hurling Final. This was the whole rematch nonsense because they don’t do overtime or whatever. Either way, whether I’m in Galway or not, I would have been HYPED if Galway had won. Unfortunately they came up short and lost the final. But as my friend Dillon McDermott said and his friend reiterated:
Maybe next year Galway.

Next game. The New York Jets. Brutal. They lost 34-0. Total disgrace of a football game. Don’t care to talk much about it. I’m truly disgusted with their performance and feel bad that my brother, sister and Poppa Coyne had to witness it firsthand. BUT, they’re still 2-0 in the division and tied for first. Only problem is that I’m pretty sure it’s downhill from here. That’s just life as a Jets fan though.

I’ll come back to the Yankee game as I don’t want to end this post on a bad note.

The F*CKING Ryder Cup. USA had it in the bag. Phil Mickelson. Jim Furyk. You guys had it locked up. You’re supposed to be our leaders. Furyk was the captain last time!!! Come on guys. And of course, I was running my mouth and I’m on year #2 living in Europe. So plenty of Europeans had stuff to say to me after it ended. I was instantly berated with a ton of messages on facebook from European friends about the U.S. losing. Worst part, what am I supposed to say? That’s why I started off the post with the quote from Philippe as we were sitting here watching it end and he said that quote with a French smirk. I was pissed.
A few examples of what I’m talking about:
And to top it off, tonight after my team’s training, I was still sitting in the gym. A few guys had left. One teammate, Jean-Ma, leaves, but comes walking back into the gym and goes “Oh yea Tim, did you see the Ryder Cup?” Ouch.

All I can say is THANK GOD for the New York Yankees. The boys in pinstripes were more or less my saving grace on Sunday. Besides clinching a playoff berth, they remained in the hunt to win the division. Huge win Sunday. Huge win last night as they absolutely DESTROYED the Red Sox. I don’t care if the Sox have a minor league team playing. It’s still New York vs. Boston. A win over Boston is great. A 10-2 win over Boston is even better, especially when coupled with a loss by Baltimore. Hopefully they can take care of business tonight, Rays can beat the O’s and the Yanks can seal up the division. Let’s Go YANKEES!!!!!


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