Un, Deux, Trois……..Awesome??

In one of my first posts when I moved to France I mentioned how at the end of my team’s training that we brought our hands in, as all teams do, and said what I had thought at the time was “Un, Deux, Trois, OREN’S!” Immediately after the team said it, I exclaimed with disbelief “AWESOME????” The whole team started dying laughing.

As it was my first day in France, my handle on the French language was non-existent. I’m far from speaking it now, but have a much better understanding of it, and do know a bunch of words and phrases. One thing that I came to learn is that most teams here say “Un, Deux, Trois, ENSEMBLE!” Ensemble means “together” in English. Plenty of teams in the States say together in a huddle as well. Now, when teams say ensemble collectively, it literally sounds like they’re shouting AWESOME, which most people who know me, know that is a word that I use very frequently, almost to a fault. But hey, as I like to think, I’m awesome, so I might as well use the word.

Anyway, fast forward a month, now it’s become kind of a joke on my team to say “One, Two, Three, Awesome!” Even during the game we had this past Saturday night the team was doing it. Usually they’ll have me say “One, two, three” also! Then it was in the middle of the game and a time out was ending, and all the players were confused as to whether or not they should say “Ensemble” or “Awesome” so there was a mix of both as guys laughed their way back onto the court. It was ok in this instance because we were up by about 30 points. So it’s come to the conclusion that when the “1,2,3” is counted in French, we say “ensemble” and when it is counted in English, we say “awesome.” So, needless to say, I think my coach and teammates are pretty awesome for embracing this.

Another instance with the word awesome was a few weeks ago. A bunch of guys on the team went out after our first game. We went to some place not too far from the gym that is kind of a regular spot for St. O players. One of my teammates Manu had some of his friends there, who spoke very little English. Well these friends live near Philippe’s apartment so they gave me a ride home at the end of the night. At one point on the car ride back I was having a conversation with Manu’s friend that was driving, half in English half in French. At one point I said something was awesome and the guy driving and his friend in the back kind of started laughing. And then I heard the driver’s girlfriend in the back ask “Comment dit awesome?” Which means “how do you say ‘awesome’?” I started dying laughing. Maybe not the funniest story to you guys, but hearing “Comment dit awesome?” had my hysterical. Needless to say I am making it my mission to infiltrate the French language with the word “AWESOME” and you better believe that I will succeed.


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