This is pretty awesome

Here is another awesome Youtube video that I came across yesterday thanks to one of this year’s Victory Scholars in Galway, Gretchen. It’s the Ohio State marching band doing a “Video Game” themed performance and it’s unreal. It’s incredibly impressive and takes my level of respect for those in marching bands to a whole new level.

Now, I’ve never been one to hate on people in a marching band. I can’t play an instrument and wish like hell that I could. I do still plan on learning how to play the guitar by the way. But I’ve always thought that if you’re in a marching band you must have some talent. I even hopped on the Drumline bandwagon when that movie came out. I wanted to play the drums in a college marching band soooo badly for about a month. Then I got over it when I realized how corny the movie was.

Anyway, I have the utmost respect for anyone who can perform at a low, mediocre or extremely high level in a marching band, but this video takes the cake.

*Also, now after putting Youtube videos in my last two posts led me to think about maybe doing a weekly post of the best Youtube videos that I saw that week. Or the ones that I watched most frequently, etc. Food for thought and I’d be open to taking recommendations and/or submissions.


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