And another Kaitlin Coyne Classic

So have you ever seen the movie I Love You Man? If so, you know the squeaky guy from the gym. “Everything you got. Everything you got!!!” Also, you know this scene, and if you don’t know this scene, well, now you do.

Ok, this past Father’s Day we went to a Rockland Boulders baseball game. The Boulders are a local minor league team in the area. It was a great way to spend Father’s Day. As people who have ever been to minor league games knows they are different from major league games as they are a bit more family friendly and whatnot. In my opinion, no disrespect to the players, but a lot of people go to these games more for the atmosphere than fun, instead of the actual game itself.
*For example, I didn’t watch an inning of this game, but instead was having a few beers catching up with family and friends. A few days after the game I got a text from my buddy Woz telling me that Dan Jurik, a college friend of ours actually plays for the Boulders. I thought that was pretty awesome. Then, remembering that Jurik was a pitcher (who was drafted by Atlanta) wondered if he pitched in that game. Thinking it possible he could have come in for an inning of relief or something that I didn’t see. I looked back at the scorecard and saw that Jurik not only pitched, but he started and threw 5.1 innings and I had NO IDEA. So Jurik, if you see this, I’m sorry I wasn’t watching the game, but congrats on the W.

Anyways, back to the point….so for a good part of the game, as Kaitlin was just crushing 24 ounce cans of Miller Lite, myself, my sister Maggie, and my cousins were doing our best to persuade Kaitlin to do her own rendition of that scene from the movie. We kept telling her that this was her “Dare to be great moment.” While we were just thinking, as always, this is the best way we can get Kaitlin to make a fool of herself and make this Father’s Day even better, knowing full well that at a minor league baseball game just about everyone in the small park would see it. So after about a half dozen or so 24 ouncers, Kaitlin obliged. Enjoy!

Fortunately, nobody told her to shut the F up like in the movie. A 70 something year old man a few rows in front even joined in on the “Here we go Boulders” chant while the guy sitting directly in front of Kaitlin was probably thinking who is this freakshow behind me, and promptly went to get a beer after this incident. He didn’t return to his seat.

Happy Birthday again and thank you for this Kaitlin! hahahaha sucker!


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