Why worry?

Here is another awesome post from Lisbeth Darsh of CrossFit Lisbeth.
This is one of my favorite messages to not only think about, but pass on to kids as well. I try to stress to them how important it is to not worry about things that are beyond their own control. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing. Concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on your own work, your own drill, your own game. ¬†Instead of wasting time worrying about others, or worrying about why the referee didn’t blow the whistle, just keep working hard, get back on defense. So many times, especially in basketball we see players turn and complain to the ref because they didn’t get a foul call. And while they are complaining, the person they are guarding is down the other end scoring a bucket because they continued playing since they didn’t hear the whistle. Keep playing until you hear the whistle.

Great message again from CrossFit Lisbeth.


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