Happy Birthday Poppa Coyne!

I’d like to take a minute to wish my Dad, aka Poppa Coyne a very happy birthday! My dad is by far the best man that I know. He has an incredible selflessness that I can imagine was instilled in him by his father, and I can only hope to one day be half the man that he is. His family is clearly the most important thing to him and he never ceases to show my Mom and the 5 of us kids how much he loves and cares about us. Thanks for everything Dad and Happy Birthday. I love you.
-Poppa Coyne and his boys last year having a few pints in Ireland. I distinctly remember this night as it was actually right after his birthday when him and my mother came to Ireland to join me and my brother and his friends who had also come to visit. That night all I kept thinking was how genuinely happy Dad was. He is a man who has always been very in touch with his Irish roots. And as I previously mentioned, his family is the most important thing to him. And now, here he was, in Ireland having a pint of Guinness with his two boys (not to mention my brother was recently back from Afghanistan), and of course Momma Coyne, the love of his life. Unfortunately my sisters weren’t there, but their time in Ireland with Dad came later. Anyway, you could tell how perfect it was for him to be in Ireland, the native country of our family on which he’s done extensive research on our family tree, and enjoying a few pints of the black stuff with his two sons. Awesome! Happy Birthday Pops!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Poppa Coyne!

  1. Tim, Thanks for the Birthday Wish and also for reminding me of my birthday in Ireland last year. I wish I was there again and you are 100% right that I felt perfectly at home. We did have a great night in Oldcastle, County Meath at Big Mikey’s family pub (pic. above). I love my family and am very proud of you all and you all are what keep me going. Love Poppa Coyne.

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