Thought for the day

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”
-Mike Singletary

With that quote, tonight I have my first game with the St. Oren’s men’s first team. After a little more than 3 months of training, I finally received my French license and have the opportunity to play. Last Sunday I technically played in my first game with the St. Oren’s second team. It was good to get out and play against somebody other than my teammates, considering I haven’t played against a different opponent since our first two preseason games. However, this Saturday is the game that really matters. Suffice it to say I’ve been feeling a bit of pressure. Especially because for the last two weeks everyone in St. Oren’s has been telling me they’re coming to the match on Saturday. All the parents. All the kids I coach. Everyone. I think tonight they’re even having a special introductory ceremony where we walk out with a younger player from the club, kind of like you see with the professional soccer clubs in Europe. That’s cool and it’s great to keep the kids involved. But it’s just one more thing that adds (pressure) to the event that has become “Tim’s first game.” Nonetheless, I am beyond excited for tonight’s game and as the quote suggests, I am thrilled about the opportunity to still be able to play the game that I love. Wish me luck!


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