0-2 in New York

Over the last few days I’ve had the, dare I call it, privilege, of attending two professional sports games. One NBA game and one NFL game. I’ve been attending professional games for many years now. However, I think I may have taken many of those games for granted. But now when I talk about going to these games to people in Ireland and/or France, I see how much they wish they were able to go to the games as well. Professional sporting events in America are absolute spectacles compared to a lot of sporting events in Europe. Therefore, seeing the expression on people’s faces when I say I’m going to a game when I’m back in the States has kind of restored my appreciation for attending professional games.

Friday I was extremely lucky to score corporate box seats from my awesome Uncle Kevin for the Knicks-Bulls game. In a time where the Jets and Giants are both struggling, and the Brooklyn Nets are New York’s JV basketball team, the Knicks are the only team providing hope to New York’s sports fans. Not only that, but the Knicks are on fire right now and have been an absolute pleasure to watch this year. So much so that I don’t mind staying up until 4 or 5 am in France to watch Jason Kidd knock down a 3 to seal the game, whereas I stay up until 3 or 4 and see Sanchez run face first into his lineman’s ass.

Although the Knicks lost, and they didn’t shoot particularly well, and I’m pretty sure Luol Deng didn’t miss a shot all night, I still had an awesome time. It was my first time attending a game in the Garden in two years and like I said, we had corporate box seats. Myself and my friend Bobby K (my only friend with hair longer than me) went to the game. So there we were, two guys with ponytails mixing it up with Wall Street traders and big shot finance guys. I’m sure they were wondering who the hell we were but we had a great time with them helping ourselves to a healthy amount of free food and beer.
-The box seat – and they were the new ones that are down around the middle level and open up out to the court…it was awesome
IMG_1218Just before I left France I was given a Stade Toulousain rugby shirt. They assured me that I would be the only person in New York with a Toulouse shirt and I don’t doubt that. I then said I would wear it to a Knicks game where I was 100% certain that I would be the only person repping Toulouse. I stayed true to my word.
IMG_1222So the Knicks lost. 0-1 on the weekend.

Sunday it was time for Jets football. They were playing the Chargers. The game meant absolutely nothing. IF the game meant anything, it may have meant that it was everyone’s chance to see McElroy start and dream that he could potentially provide us with some element of hope for the future of the Jets organization. Also what the Jets game meant for me was that it was my ONLY chance to tailgate this year. And tailgate we did.

Myself, my three sisters, my sister’s fiancee, and my friend Brian Duggan from Ireland, whom you may or may not remember from my post last year- BRIAN DUGGAN.
-The boys trying to get the fire going on the grill

-So Duggan broke the ladderball (as he would!). But the good thing is that my sister Kaitlin happens to be an athletic trainer. Sure enough she had her training bag in the car and quickly got to work taping the ladderball back together. I’ll tell you, those players at Lackawanna are awfully lucky to have a trainer as prepared as Kaitlin.
IMG_1245 -What would a tailgate be without a shotgun?
IMG_5803 -Me and the girls, missing our brother Mac
IMG_5806Walking into the stadium the demeanor of all the Jets fans simply read “DEFEATED.” The whole “why are we even going in to watch this game” kind of body language. Repeated failed attempts at trying to start a J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant. And then they lost 27-17. McElroy got sacked 11 times. My sisters were trying to keep me from getting upset because last year we went to the Christmas Eve Jets-Giants game and after it I was walking out of the stadium repeating over and over how the Jets have disappointed me for 24 years. They called it. Walking out of the stadium I was now saying how the Jets have done nothing but disappoint me for 25 years.

HOWEVER, Kaitlin actually made a very valid point. The Jets have sucked for the last two years. The two seasons prior to that they made it to back to back AFC Championship games. Then Kaitlin pointed out that the year after that second AFC Championship game, what happened? I moved to Ireland. The Jets sucked. This year I moved to France. The Jets sucked. We came to the completely accurate realization that the New York Jets NEED me. I clearly need to move back to the States as it would be in the best interest of the New York Jets.

0-2 on the weekend. I had a lot of fun but two bad games for my New York teams.


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