Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, and Joyeux Noel

I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone here in the States. Happy Christmas to everyone in Ireland. Et Joyeux Noel à tous en Toulouse!!

Given that I am wishing people in 3 different countries a Merry Christmas, I figured it would only be right to provide 3 different Christmas songs.

First and foremost is my favorite Christmas Song – “Christmas in New York” by Shilelagh Law. And if there is one song that you will listen to in this post, I would love it if you would choose this one. Listen to the point where they sing about sending out prayers to all our cops, firemen, first responders, troops, and everyday people. In doing so, please keep in mind the firefighters/cops who were shot in upstate New York yesterday. Also keep in your prayers my brother and all the other troops overseas during this holidays. It is never easy to be away from your family, let alone be away from your family at a time like Christmas. Nonetheless, we are extremely proud of you Mac. We love you. Stay safe my brother and we will see you soon.

My second favorite Christmas song happens to be an Irish song and one of my favorite things about being in Galway in December is that you hear this in every pub you go into – “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues.

And the third song isn’t exactly a French Christmas song. It’s called “Chante Noel” and I first heard it hanging out with my teammate Jean-Ma and his friends who are all from Martinique and Guadalupe – French territories. So that’s as close as I got to a Christmas song in France. Take it for what its worth.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy your time with friends and family wherever you may be celebrating this year. Have a great, safe holiday!


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