Merci beaucoup my foot! BE CAREFUL!

So Sunday I arrived back in France. Wasn’t the most uneventful trip as I was flying from Dublin to Carcassonne and we were about 10 minutes from landing when the pilot came on and said that it was too windy to land in Carcassonne and we would be landing in Perpignan, almost 2 hours south. I was coming off 24 hours spent in Dublin with some of my friends from last year in Ireland and, needless to say, I was exhausted. So this isn’t what I wanted to hear. We landed in Perpignan and Ryanair sorted out buses for us back to Carcassonne but that was 2 and a half hours later. However, I actually didn’t mind the wait as much as I thought I would considering it was about 65 and sunny in Perpignan so everybody was out lounging on the grass waiting for the buses.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better few weeks at home in New York. I literally had so much fun every single day with friends and family. Unfortunately the Knicks and Jets lost each game that I attended, but I had a great time at both. We had an awesome family Christmas party which I’ve already posted about. I had a chance to see some GREAT high school basketball which was a genuine pleasure. I worked with a lot of the kids who now play for my old high school this past summer so it was awesome not only seeing them play, but seeing how well they played. AND how tough they played. It was also great seeing my former coach Pat McFadden, as well as attending a few of his practices strictly as a student of the game.
IMG_1339I was able to learn a ton from coach and hope that one day I will be half the coach that he is.

I also had the chance to see CrossFit Momentum. CrossFit Momentum is a new CrossFit box opening in Rockland County and it’s being opened by a few of the coaches that I had the esteemed privilege of working with before I went to Ireland. It’s been a long process but they’ve done an outstanding job and I couldn’t be happier for them. Plus my sister and I had the chance to get in there for a few WODs.
IMG_1184One day, a snowstorm hit NY pretty hard. My friend Steve was in from California, Pete was home from med school, and a few of the other guys were all around/getting out of work early. We all wanted to see each other while we were home but this snowstorm was about to hit hard. So what did we do? Grabbed a whole bunch of beer and went and got snowed in at Fitz’s. It was awesome.

Braving another snowstorm the following Saturday, I trekked out to Queens to meet up with some friends from upstate. What was going to be a Saturday night in Queens turned into a Saturday night in Queens plus a Sunday Funday in Queens/Manhattan before I finally came back to Rockland for New Years on Monday. Here is a MONTAJ of my couple days in the city.

New Years was upon us and my family was having a little New Years party along with my sister’s fiancee, and some of my other sisters’ friends. I enjoyed some great food (prepared by Momma and Poppa Coyne) and awesome times with all them before making my younger cousin DD for myself and 2 of my friends to our destination. Once again it was a great night where I got to see a ton of friends, catch up, and have an absolute blast. Oh yea, and the party we went to said “Formal attire.” Yea, so I wore the kilt.

Now I should probably discuss the title of this post. Before I left to start my trip back to Europe, Kaitlin and I went to see our Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat is my dad’s cousin but she’s more like a mix between an aunt, a grandma, and an awesome friend. Aunt Pat is, has, and always will be one of the funniest people I have ever met. For example, when I got in trouble for swearing as a kid, all the rest of the kids were allowed to go make Christmas cookies, but I couldn’t go. I’m pretty sure I had to scrub garbage cans or something. Then my dad took me over to Aunt Pat’s and as soon as I walked in the door she looks up from her magazine and says “So I hear you have a mouth like your Aunt Pat.” My dad started laughing and I was so happy because I knew I wasn’t in trouble anymore.

Anyway Kaitlin and I went to see her. We chatted for a while and just as I was getting ready to leave, Aunt Pat slipped me a tenner for a beer in the airport and then told me to take a bottle of champagne that she had on the table. Not sure if she stole a case of champagne or what, but she was giving out bottles of champagne like it was nobody’s business the last couple weeks. So I took the bottle, and me being the witty guy that I am, as I’m walking out the door I say “Merci beaucoup” (thank you very much in French) and Aunt Pat rolls her eyes and exclaims “MERCI BEACOUP MY FOOT! BE CAREFUL!” I couldn’t stop laughing but that’s Aunt Pat. She has a funny way of exclaiming how much she cares about you but she’ll let you know one way or another.

-I know it’s late but I should have included this photo of Aunt Pat from last June. Yup, she’s the one in the wheelchair holding the 24 ounce can of Miller Lite.

So, as I said, it was an awesome few weeks in New York. Great times with friends and family whom I will miss very much over the next 6 months. Nonetheless, their love and support is what empowers me to continue doing what I love even if it takes me thousands of miles away. Thanks for a great few weeks everyone!


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