Happy Birthday James!

I’d like to take a minute to wish Mr. James Emeigh a very Happy Birthday today. James is one of my best friends from home as well as the friend whom I’ve had the longest. We started playing baseball together when we were about 4 and have been friends ever since. It’s not often people have friends like that. The photo that I’ve put in this post accurately captures the James that I know. He’s always been one of the funniest/craziest guys no matter who he’s around whether it’s with one of our little league teams, clowning around in high school, or leading the entire student section at the Providence College basketball games.
jamesNow over the last few years James and I haven’t been able to see very much of each other, but we got to hang out a few times while I was home which was awesome.
What I want to mention however, is one thing that James told me recently. It was probably one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve received in a long time (in addition to just about everything that my dad tells me). He was wishing me well in France and said “Whenever you have a tough day there, try to remember that what you’re experiencing is many people’s ‘grass is greener’ scenario.” I thought this was awesome and definitely a great way for me to keep things in perspective. This positive piece of advice meant so much to me and is definitely something that I will keep in mind whenever I may be having a bad day over here. It’s important for me to realize how fortunate I am for the opportunity I’ve been presented with. Thanks for the advice my man!

So once again Happy Birthday James and enjoy yourself this weekend my brotha!!


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