Happy Birthday Maggie

I’d like to wish my favorite younger sister Maggie a very Happy Birthday today! It’s technically a few hours late in her time zone (as well as mine) but it’s still her birthday in America so this still counts! Maggie is my rockstar younger sister who is currently living in South Korea schooling little kids on the ins and outs of the English language while at the same time schooling Korean adults on the intricacies of the Coyne family favorite, Jameson. Maggie has been there for several months now and is having an absolute blast getting to see another part of the world, experience another culture and do all kinds of crazy and stupid things – like go into the water at what is supposedly the world’s 4th largest ice festival and try and catch a fish with her bare hands.
maggieAtta girl Maggie! At least she was able to escape the cold for her birthday and is enjoying some fine, tropical weather in Thailand. That’s pretty awesome. As is Maggie. Because she’s my little sister and I’m the one responsible for her awesomeness. You’re welcome Maggie. Happy Birthday kiddo, I love you!


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