Happy Birthday Dave!!

I’d like to take a moment to wish my main man, Dave O’Neill aka Silky D, a very happy birthday back home in New York. Dave is from Binghamton but now rocks New York City harder than anybody I know. Not only is Dave a great friend of mine, awesome, and a great American…..but Dave is/was/always will be one of the most avid supporters of The Official Tim Coyne Fan Club. It was his fansmanship that earned him “2012 Tim Coyne Fan of the Year” by the OTCFC president, Jim Frawley in the 2013 OTCFC calendar that has only been released to limited people. (I apologize for not sharing that with you all, but I do promise to catch up with it.)
SilkyAnd Dave is SO cool that he even can manage to get photobombed by the New York Rangers zamboni driver!!!
photo-3And when he’s not too busy being awesome, he’s just being a great American by serving as a fantastic role model for the youth.
silkyddGreat guy that Dave O’Neill!! Happy birthday my brotha!! See you in a couple weeks!!


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